Bridges Out of Poverty

The 3rd Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop (Community Lens) is set for June 9, 2022 at the Preforming Arts Center (PAC) in Alliance! 

This workshop is an in-depth extension of the Bridges Out of Poverty workshop and builds strategies to break down poverty’s barriers and embed new constructs. The individual and institutional lenses covered in the first two sections of Bridges workshops are used to inform the third Bridges workshop, which looks at poverty’s barriers through the lens of the community

Participation in the original Bridges Out of Poverty is strongly recommended, but not required. If you missed previous offerings of Bridges Out of Poverty, you can take an online course. Visit for more information.

Register online: Register Here for Bridges Out of Poverty Part 3 Community Lens


June 8 @ 5:30 pm Conversation with Jim Ott, Bridges Out of Poverty Facilitator: $12 for dinner Register @

Highlights of this workshop include the following topics:

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • The Getting Ahead series and methodology: Getting Ahead is different
  • Partnerships in healthcare
  • Community sustainability grid
  • Social capital and community assessment
  • Analyzing resources: “getting by” vs. “getting ahead” resources
  • Two-generation program
  • Felon reentry class
  • Bridges workshops for the community
  • Bridges attorney
  • Getting Ahead graduate results, CharityTracker reports
  • Bridges Steering Committee
  • Typical steps for developing a Bridges community
  • Criteria for a Bridges community


This workshop is open to the general public and perfect for community organizers, elected officials, concerned citizens, nonprofit staff, mental health providers, educators and school counselors, those working in the health and human service industry, frontline employees and more!

Bridges Out of Poverty Part 3